My Home…

I need to hear the noise
Of that city with such poise
I could be blind
And my way I could find
But that sight oh that sight
It gives your heart a sort of delight
The world on an island
Never a moment to be silent
8 billion faces 8 billion dreams
Those lights that gleam
The Apollo, Broadway the Rockettes
Shows nobody could possibly forget
Nights that last longer than days
Nothing but the money fades
Those unforgettable yet forgotten nights
Those petty bar fights
A toast with strangers
Because were not scarred of the dangers
Gorgeous women and handsome men
Each other they torment
Buses taxis and trains
So much traffic nothing but dirt remains

At the corner of 5th and Madison

Causing shenanigans

Nothing beats the euphoria this city provides

Times Square and its funky vibes

If I go it won’t be far, because I could never roam

Too far from home.





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