Im Not Ready

What if I’m not ready?

I feel like we had this talk already

Why are you so self-centered?

Now I regret letting you enter

This is my life, my choices

I’m not going to bullied by the voices

I had a plan before you came around

I’m not just going to let you drag me down

My mother sacrificed her youth for me

So I’m sorry but with you I cannot agree

We have stood together for so long

Enjoying our youth with each bong

But I cannot be forced

You can’t threaten me with divorce

I have loved you forever

And you promised you would stand by me through whatever

So now? You won’t look at me?

Then fine let me be

But I am the beholder of my own body

And when I’m ready, the miracle of life will be bestowed upon me

8 thoughts on “Im Not Ready

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    1. I wish they did to, your very right, I know way too many young girls that already have families and it kills me inside to see them that way and even worse they complain that they cant do anything anymore, its a sad situation.

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