Just a thought…

You see, I know I wasn’t meant for this body, when people see me I’m just some white girl normal height, completely normal looking nothing special, but they don’t know me, I always thought it’s because my appearance never matched who I really was. For example I’m not white, I’m actually Ecuadorian and I’ve got a little Irish , Scottish in me which is most likely why I’m physically white. There’s a saying in Spanish that goes “Caras vemos pero corazones no sabemos” basically we see the faces but we don’t know who they really are inside. I’ve lived my life under this pretense, people don’t really know who I am and I don’t really know who other people are, however I never bother to figure people out I naturally don’t trust anyone, but the idea that I’m constantly changing my appearance to find my right match got me thinking, why were we put on this planet the way we are and yet our appearances don’t really describe us? In high school I dyed my hair what felt like very week, I was black haired, mocha haired, pink haired, red frosty tips, horrible high lights, blonde, strawberry blonde and now I’m fiery red (mostly because I feel my head doesn’t look as big with red color hair).  I always figured the personality matched the appearance, in some cases it does and some it doesn’t. If someone were to ask me to describe my appearance I would say I am of normal kind, but if you asked me to describe my personality I would say I’m wacky, weird, sarcastic and mostly unique. But I don’t look that way, I look normal. So are there two different people within us, in the sense that one is my personality and one is my appearance? Or is our appearances simply the human shield to protect the inner human?  And what exactly signifies normal?

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  1. Good questions. I like to think we grow into ourselves and our outsides become our insides. I used to look after older people, and their faces were often a map of their hearts: sad people’s faces drooped and angry people’s faces crinkled. Just think how beautiful you’ll look when your face catches up with your heart….thanks for stopping by my blog and lovely to read about you 🙂

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