Jolly Time


Welcome and hello

Please make your way past the mistletoe

Sit by the window and watch the snow

As it falls down below

Enjoy those tasty hors d’oeuvres

Prep your body for the Christmas nerves

Rejoice with those you love

Whether they’re here or up above

Help me cut the big juicy ham

And for Uncle Jimmy, the lamb

Please don’t spill the eggnog

The floor is filled with hair from the dog

Start the sounds that fill the home with jolly

Get the door Bens back from Bengali

Let’s all sit around this round table

While Grandpa shares his fables

Watch out for Cousin Mary’s concoction

Be careful for Billy’s sticky fingers always looking for a new auction

This is the time of year we all wait anxiously for

The foods, the family, those gifts that are a bit of an eye soar

Let’s not forget the tree that floats above wrapped boxes

And the kids that attempt to outfox me

This is the time of year to smile

Even if it’s been a while

Look around this joyously happy room

Who has time to think about their doom?

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