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Today I was in the waiting room of the civil court office in Jamaica queens. I sat there FOREVER, but when I finally got to sit in the actual courtroom I noticed something that had me thinking for a while. In big bold letters, the first you see as you walk in, IN GOD WE TRUST. I as a modern young adult struggle with the idea of religion although growing up I swore off God, I ended up believing there was a higher power but no religion. Let me not get off topic here, my idea was how is it that we trust God? And are we so vulnerable at birth that we automatically give our trust in something we aren’t even sure exist? As A child you trust Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny but as we grow up we realize it’s a play put on by the adults. At that point were crushed and saddened that something we put so much belief in is fake or a figment of your imagination… so basically what is it that proves that God is real or let alone what proves that we should trust God? Is it the countless books that contradict each other? How do I know what really happened? Where is my proof?

But most of all why are they the only words on that wall? Shouldn’t there be something more along the lines of… YOU BETTER NOT LIE,MOTHERFUCKER!.   It’s not as if a judge has never made the mistake of charging an innocent person for a crime they didn’t commit. Do they trust god enough to believe their decisions are right? Or is it all bullshit and the only reason it’s there is so we can blame somebody else when things go wrong just so we can sleep with a clean conscious?

Just a thought considering I sat on a hard cold wooden bench with no back contemplating this idea and the questions that revolve around it for two hours.

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  1. Great questions.. I think you might already know what the entity God is to you. It’s difficult to accept when many have yet to ask themselves the questions you have posed. Don’t the answers are all right there!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks i like to believe i know what God signifies to me but i also know im still a young soul and ive got plenty more to learn. Its odd cause there really isnt a set answer for those questions only what one believes

  2. hmmm… i can’t recall ever having believed in santa, the tooth fairy or easter bunny as a kid. come to think of it i cant recall being crushed by learning they’re fakes. or ever even thinking about god, (although i hated going to church. daoism sort of made sense to me when i learned of it as a teenager. also you mean ‘conscience’ not ‘conscious’.

    1. Thanks i always misspell something when im ranting, i believed in the tooth fairy above all, and i actually remember catching my mom putting the money under my pillow and i remember how hurt i was, to each their own i guess

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