Culture Shock

This isn’t really a poem but for those who follow me I am currently in Ecuador and it’s a very different scene then back home in Queens. During the day it’s a regular hustle to get to work and make some money at the same time that means mothers and their children out on the street trying to sell candy or cleaning shoes for 50 cents, its pure culture shock. Yesterday, as I stood out on the balcony of the home I’m staying at I saw a little girl crying because she couldn’t find her mom and this morning that little girl is still standing on the street with tears in her eyes. Now I know this may seem cruel and inhumane but its apparently something that happens out here where a mother can’t afford to have children yet has them and then leaves them to be as if it’s okay as if it isn’t sad and it breaks my heart to see this little girl stand there helplessly, I’ve given her money but I don’t know what she does with it. I pray for that little girl and hopefully somebody with the proper resources has the heart to help her.

I enjoy traveling because the world isn’t like New York it’s a lot different a lot harder to live, the things that I have at my fingers at home are far from reach here or in any other place, when I went to Honduras I saw the same poverty filled streets with woman wrapped with babies and babies shoeless and no roads just dirt. It’s a culture shock a massive culture shock, if I child were to be abandoned in New York that child would be picked up by social services and put in at least a foster home, government support like that doesn’t exist out here. One day I plan on coming back here with the sole intent to help these young girls and teach them about contraception’s, careers, and the simple fact that there’s more to life than meets the eye.


I can´t see mama

I can’t breathe mama

I hear screams mama

I smell death mama

I can’t feel mama

What’s happening mama

Why’d you go so far mama?

Please come back for me mama

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  1. Oh my goodness. This is so sad. My heart is breaking and the guilt in me is growing for taking all I have for granted while all that little girl wants is her mother. Thank you for sharing this.

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