Yesterday I witnessed something I didnt want to ever see in my life, a man beating his woman.


Do you think what you did was fair?

How many times do i have to repeat the same prayer

At first you were my knight in shining armour

You had a sparkle in your eye, you were quite a charmer

But now i sit here at a loss of words

As I lay on my back and watch the birds

I wish I could fly far away from the man you have become

Everytime it’s the same, I always swear im done

But you’ve broken me to pieces

And now my heart cant cease this

I was raised to reject this

But now I’m forced to accept this

How did I allow this to happen to me?

You’ve beat me down and plagued me with HIV

I had dreams, goals and aspirations

And now I failed my own expectations

I know I’m better then you

I know I’m stronger to

But my body doesn’t allow me to leave

I basically force myself to grieve

I wish I could close my eyes

And create your demise

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