Mothers Birthday

Out of the billion words on this
Not one can fully describe your dynamic
Your humor, you’re Witt that intriguing sarcasm
Your ability to deal with my tantrums
Your constant devotion for what really matters
That powerful drive to complete your masters
I’ve never known a woman who got back up after getting run over
I will always admire that ballsy composure
You’ve been blessed  although at times it doesn’t seem that way
But you’ve dealt with countless back talks and those that suddenly betray
It’s like your made of steel
And you’re layers never peel
You’re the perfect example of a role model even though I don’t always listen
But I’ve learned from my mistakes like you promised and I’m becoming your second edition
I don’t know about England but you will always be my queen
With big red curls, big bright smile and eyes that gleam
I’ve never been able to fully express my gratitude
But my life I owe to you
I just want you to know that your appreciated
Even though its not enough that I say it

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