FotoFlexer_PhotoI’ve locked down

My heart has drowned

I stand here on two, alone

Those memories you now own

I can picture it now

She’s on the ground turning that frown upside down

But can she feel your heartbeat through her fingers

Feeling the passion as you linger?

With one look can she hook what once was a closed book?

Will she be there when you wake up at four or has she before, since I was such a bore?

Was she there back then back when I shared how the blood flows through my pen?

Does she get to sit in my seat? Is this concrete? Did I just experience defeat?

I always knew what to do, with me you grew with everything we been thru

I remember when I would lay my head upon your chest, smiled cause I was blessed

Now I stand here and wait until the gate closes on my hearts estate

I hope when it’s all said and done

You remember me and the way we used to be…

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