Thats Pretty Much It…

I’m destined for success
This soul you cannot oppress
they say I won’t succeed
Cause I’m an Ecuadorian seed
I won’t make it far cause I’m female
But I devote myself and I’ve yet to fail

They say success doesn’t reach a feminist
But with my ideas most benefit
I stand strong by my ideals
Because we are all created equals

I have a lot of enemies

But I never let that change my identity

My experiences have made me who I am

So for the negativity I could give a dam

I’m not a coward I stand on my two

And I’ve come too far to back away from the life I drew

It takes a lot to fight the criticism

But I laugh at it through my rhythms

I’ve got the longest bucket list

And my soul persist

I never thought I belonged here

But I can’t imagine what would be if I disappear

So till I hit the grave

I will stand tall and brave

I’ve got the world in the palm of my hand
and on my goals I’ll land

4 thoughts on “Thats Pretty Much It…

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  1. From a fellow person who thought she did not belong here, I want you to know you do. Those who always lived their life on the outside looking in are the backbone of society. Be proud of who you are and the ability you have to put words together to have power to inspire tired souls to do great things. God Bless. 🙂

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