My Bus Ride Home

Blank stare
Completely unaware
The sun in my eyes
Reminiscing on this ride
The story of my life
I just want change to bite
I don’t want to dwell
On the relationship destined to fail
They say blood is thicker than water
Yet I sit here questioning, why her?
As we drive on
I see a father and his little girl
and I’m a grown ass women jealous of her
How did I get here?
A thought I once feared
Has now become my reality
Phone chats with you lying to me
As if I’m that gullible child you forgot about years ago
Look at me daddy, I’m grown
And it’s time to step off that thrown
And leave me on my own
No more mind games and esteem attacks
fuck depression I refuse to fall back
In the words of the great Ms. Angelo , still like dust I’ll rise
Cause this relationship has reached its demise
And I’m ready to take the crown
And put all that bullshit down
That gullible little mind is a closed shop
Oh wait here’s my stop

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