Summer time

Summers are reminiscent
Of a young me, omniscient
Late mornings and long nights
Illegal parties and unexpected fights
New friends that can get along
Two months are not long
But when your young you make the best of it
There’s no more time to get fit
Too late to worry about what you weigh
We’ve got Mornings at Rockaway
And nights on the strip
No safe water to skinny dip
Only the pool at Astoria
Brake in late at night, lost in euphoria
Bike rides across the Brooklyn Bridge
when it gets to hot I spend the day in my fridge
The summer time is bombarded by parades
And sometimes random raids
Spanish Harlem, Midtown, 5th ave
Chelsea , World Trade, Park ave
Astoria, Woodside, Myrtle ave
Steinway, Northern, Jamaica ave
The list goes on
And as the years pass the list adds on
Culture here is strong
This is nyc and everyone belongs
Summers here are incomparable
And the sun can get Unbearable
But you can’t top being young in the big apple
Every moment is to be grappled

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