I Got Issues

Has it ever dawned on you that you might have daddy issues? 
I’ve never had a healthy relationship with any man just fresh tissues
Why do I do this to myself?
I could ask it a thousand times
But then I’d cover it with self inflicted lies.
When a man talks down to me I’m frustrated
Yet im in a familiar place just outdated
I never realized that my father’s words would forever haunt me
Yet here I am a grown ass woman wondering who wants me? 
What is it that I have to offer? 
When there’s thousands of beautiful woman why aren’t you on her? 
As a feminist I hate to compare myself to other women
It’s a competition no one agreed to we were just born in
From as far back as I can remember my father always had an opinion
And as I grow older I feel like all men are his little minions
It’s hard to run away from a dark past that still lingers
When as a woman I feel like everyone’s pointing a finger
What do I have to offer they say?
Can I cook, clean and stay at home all day? 
Thinking back that’s what my father was preparing me for
A life of pitiful misery at the hands of man, what for? 
I can take care of myself I know this dam well
Yet regardless I have a tendency to dwell 
How pathetic of me
I’m not blind I can see
I’ve analyzed every single issue every single time and I see where actions lead to mistakes
But give me a fucking break

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