My Grandmother

Ill never regret anything more than this
All I have now are memories to reminisce

Every single moment I thought I would get
Ripped from under me, my biggest regret

I refuse to let that be my last memory
Fuck face doctors with your life trajectory

Too many times I wanted to send something
Too many times I wanted to say something

Yet it was all work, my biggest excuse
As if you hadn’t watched me blossom from the root
As if you didn’t deserve a simple phone call
As if you weren’t above it all

I regret everything

I regret leaving that day

No worries because I was SO sure you would be back home
Recording Hallmark movies, with Molly by your side, on your throne

To think Christmas was the last time Id hear your voice
To think we never discussed my growing bundle of joy

Ive broken down too many times looking at my daughter
To think she would never be able to
meet her great grandmother.

I regret it all

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