I didn’t love you at first sight I won’t lie

When they handed you to me all I could do was cry

And it wasn’t tears of joy, it was tears derived of fear

I want to be sincere about your grand premiere


I can’t tell you what exactly went through my mind but

The memories of those first months I could never leave behind

It might have a taken us a while to get to know each other

And even more time to come to the realization I was your mother

Now I stare at your photos to get through my day

When I step out I no longer think the same way

This life is no longer mine, it’s yours to forever hold

Every piece of my treasure is forever your gold

All I pray is that in return you care for me as I get old

Your arrival was my sign

To leave behind a life confined

My first addition to the bloodline

My sweet Adeline

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