Ive Been Lost


I found this in my notes application- Sitting untouched for almost a year. I have a plethora of notes saved, a mess of unfinished poems, unfound emotions, and never ending questions. Sometimes I feel as if I’m writing the same poem twice. Its hard for me to write about sunshine’s and rainbows, I’m oblivious to the simple things, the things that are suppose to make you smile in awe. I can only seem to notice the things that make you question your existence, the things that make you question why things are the way they are. The sudden situations that cause you to wonder how someone else is coping. I’m that person.  A few years back this girl from my junior high school who was very popular back in the day, had died- I became obsessed with her best friend. I don’t know where or why but I needed to know how she felt, imagine losing your best friend over night. A best friend who had left behind a beautiful baby girl. Imagine that pain, what do you do with that? Life after death has so many questions. Anyways, being lost in my usual haze is how this page even started- Enjoy.

Ive been lost in a haze

For far too many days

Days that turned to years

Tortured by unwanted tears

I look back in time, confused

Where did the time go

How did my bomb diffuse

What exactly did I do

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