My Pockets

Sleep in ya pants just to keep your phone in ya pocket

Piled like trash, the skeletons hiding in ya closet

Long lies led to double lives

Russian roulette to see who survives

Explaining double showers on cold days

Hoping little lies won’t go a thousand ways

Praying she won’t open the door

Uncover and explore

Ask a thousand questions

Like what where my intentions?

Pray she doesn’t walk away

Because I can’t find the words to explain

Everything I’ve done in disgrace

All the emotions I can’t say face to face

How it’s so easy to throw around I love you

To a woman absolutely nothing was owed to

No possible explanation as to why it was so easy

To string along two for me being so greedy

But please pray she doesn’t go through my pockets

For her pain will be the worst, I promise.

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