Happy Easter

Dressed in my Sunday best My sins need to be addressed Its been a long time since I confessed Its Easter Sunday too late to digress Sun is shining I'm alive I'm blessed Girls in cute dresses, Boys in their fancy vests On a day like today everyone is religiously obsessed Church is crowded, I'm... Continue Reading →

I Miss Everything

I miss those days When you would caress my face Hold me tight Keep me safe I miss the countless years That got away from us I miss the innocence of that first time I miss the ignorance and all its bliss I miss the butterflies The long nights The goosebumps I miss that once... Continue Reading →

Pure Dreams

I can't swallow this routine I've got dreams that need to gleam To believe only a handful live the life I desire I don't want to blend in I want to be higher How am I supposed to succeed on minimum wage This poverty I need to upstage This life I have made Has died... Continue Reading →

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