Lonely Men

A decade past before his eyes What have they done with their lives?’ Succumb to the loneliness In a house full of lonely men Too much for the only men Carve his will with his bloody pen When it all caves, only when Will they see where time went, only then


I've locked down My heart has drowned I stand here on two, alone Those memories you now own I can picture it now She’s on the ground turning that frown upside down But can she feel your heartbeat through her fingers Feeling the passion as you linger? With one look can she hook what once... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I witnessed something I didnt want to ever see in my life, a man beating his woman.   Do you think what you did was fair? How many times do i have to repeat the same prayer At first you were my knight in shining armour You had a sparkle in your eye, you were... Continue Reading →

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