This Moment

Peace and Serenity at its finest hour My heart has been over powered The lust is for what I yearn To trust I need to learn But at this very moment My desires are my only opponent For you I want but mostly need You've torn down my solid creed And unwrapped a whole new... Continue Reading →

High School

  I wrote this poem my senior year of high school, as I read it now it reminds me of my mentality and how it has changed in a short two years. Certain names are those of school officials like my dean who used to run around looking for those who were not wearing the... Continue Reading →

A Real Woman

A real woman isn’t hard to recognize She’s beautiful in and out, let me emphasize A real woman doesn’t reveal her golden treasure For any opportunity at whatever measure She handles herself with class That kind of woman you can’t let pass A real woman has more to offer She’s got that kind of mentality... Continue Reading →

My Other Side

I am my own enemy I stand at the frontier On the other side the memories Their weapons, my tears I'm cracking like glass They know all my fears I wonder if I can outlast The way they torment me They’re gruesome At this point I’d rather not see ©

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