Time passes and the cloud still lingers My sanity is slipping thru my fingers I ask myself why and how much longer And she responds “when you realize he’s a goner”


This place of emptiness is odd yet welcomed The old me is dead and gone but beckoned I dont want to go back and i know i cant And certain stories i refuse to recant But this feeling is so new im terrified And with each step theres no guide Its just me, walking away... Continue Reading →


Im tired of asking the same questions I been learned the main lesson The same lesson over and over again The same pain with no end game To be a woman scorned When I was already warned Seems like a joke But thats the ego I stroked


Its almost too much all at once So much I had invested in us I won’t encounter another peaceful day Just clouds the 50 shades of gray


Im at the hands of my addiction My life, my greatest affliction To be welcomed every day To enter my home and stay To every bleeding numb moment To the extent that I grieve, I love it But the body cant gap the bridge between me and her And I’m dwindling as she spirals to... Continue Reading →


I don’t know what it is about Sundays Im good all week or at least some days But then comes Sunday, and that heartless fire Got me calling you a liar Got me taking deep breathes trying to focus Unless I say a word you wouldn’t notice My everything is a mess Fighting demons -... Continue Reading →

My Bus Ride Home

Blank stare Completely unaware The sun in my eyes Reminiscing on this ride The story of my life I just want change to bite I don't want to dwell On the relationship destined to fail They say blood is thicker than water Yet I sit here questioning, why her? As we drive on I see... Continue Reading →

As it Plays in My Head…

My hearts hollow Dry swallow I lost the ability to love Pointless request sent up above It’s loud but I can’t hear The scenery I fear I've gone numb What have I become Memories no longer exist My mind has dismissed It’s all one big dream My life I need to redeem But the door... Continue Reading →


I played it in my head, dead on the scene I told therapy I wouldn’t make it past 17 You can’t crack a soul that’s gone cold And a sick soul won’t grow old Meetings on that couch with the lights dim Forcing one to reminisce what’s meant to stay within My secrets on her... Continue Reading →

All it Takes is a Smile…

Bullet proof soul That my body stole I'm trapped As my body I unwrap Caterpillar to a butterfly Its planned to cry and die its typical for us humans to lie But a smile takes work While all that evil lurks The face naturally drops And life eventually stops But to know I can smile... Continue Reading →

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