Time passes and the cloud still lingers My sanity is slipping thru my fingers I ask myself why and how much longer And she responds “when you realize he’s a goner”


Im at the hands of my addiction My life, my greatest affliction To be welcomed every day To enter my home and stay To every bleeding numb moment To the extent that I grieve, I love it But the body cant gap the bridge between me and her And I’m dwindling as she spirals to... Continue Reading →

One Word

Five letters If broken never settle Simply one word If broken would be absurd   The strength you will need Rammed between the weeds Uncover the truth Sooth the mind Trust, for you’re not blind


Women like me are rare to see We hide in the dark and create the art That sits within the crevice of your skin That pulls out the words that fly like birds Out to the world, I'm that girl Each year, each step another station Just trying to find the right foundations Searching for... Continue Reading →

The Reality

My hearts been broken before, long ago. I swore after that I wouldn’t let it happen again but it did. All because of my actions, as if being a women comes with its limitations, as if I couldn’t make a decision on my own. As if I don’t work hard enough to please those around... Continue Reading →

What once was…

He once was a hero Until he got near her He was once a knight in shining armor And to his little girl the greatest charmer He once was the perfect example of a perfect man Until they discovered he was just a con man with a game plan He will notice when his little... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I witnessed something I didnt want to ever see in my life, a man beating his woman.   Do you think what you did was fair? How many times do i have to repeat the same prayer At first you were my knight in shining armour You had a sparkle in your eye, you were... Continue Reading →

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