Good Bye

My eyes are irritated My concentration dilapidated By the news I didn’t want to receive The blood through my veins diseased An ultrasound of my heartbeat Blasted through my ears completely offbeat I stare off to space in disbelief It was so early I didn’t think you'd actually leave But the news was true And... Continue Reading →

Jolly Time

Welcome and hello Please make your way past the mistletoe Sit by the window and watch the snow As it falls down below Enjoy those tasty hors d'oeuvres Prep your body for the Christmas nerves Rejoice with those you love Whether they’re here or up above Help me cut the big juicy ham And for... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace

  I never want to relive that night again I’ll think about it every now and then It was call after call, step by step And then you took your last breathe I was almost by your side But with the distance I'm forced to abide I would have held your hand And thanked you for... Continue Reading →

Why Does it Happen?

I went to a wake yesterday for a complete stranger Although I didn’t know her I felt the pain emanate off those around me They had no idea she would be in so much danger It was an accident, they all agree But even accidents have reasons But does the death of a youth really... Continue Reading →


How do you tell a person their life’s about to be gone? That they won’t make it to tomorrows dawn That they will die in deaths vain To tell a mother she’s to cry in pain The emotional state of losing your creation Years wasted with dedication To the child you once held bare Memories... Continue Reading →

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