I don’t know what it is about Sundays Im good all week or at least some days But then comes Sunday, and that heartless fire Got me calling you a liar Got me taking deep breathes trying to focus Unless I say a word you wouldn’t notice My everything is a mess Fighting demons -... Continue Reading →


I've given up several times before I reached a patch of emptiness like a complete bore I can't tell you how I feel bc im not in tune anymore I don't know what I want anymore When I was younger I had a clear idea of life as I got older I should have figured... Continue Reading →

Far away

All my life I wanted to run away To a land far far away One that probably doesn't even exist A land of pure bliss All I want to hear are the silent echos Of the wind blowing through fresh meadows Where I can sit alone A place I could for once call home

I Got Issues

Has it ever dawned on you that you might have daddy issues?  I've never had a healthy relationship with any man just fresh tissues Why do I do this to myself? I could ask it a thousand times But then I'd cover it with self inflicted lies. When a man talks down to me I'm... Continue Reading →

Time Flies By the Blind

I wrote this poem a few years back and every time I read it I'm in the same exact mental place as when I wrote it, it's crazy how powerful emotions are and how some feelings will forever resonate with you. Some things just never change. In the back room with a face full of... Continue Reading →

I Guess it is what it is

Long ago I never pictured this life The saying is good karma travels I used to take matters in strife But I can't keep fighting these battles It's crazy how family can be so exhausting I can handle it all except what occurs under my roof I feel like I haven't stopped falling I know... Continue Reading →

Damage Control

How am I suppose to act When my days turn cold Thoughts ignite me like coal I've lost control Massive hole in my soul Fuck these goals It's time for damage control


I can hear the faucet dripping At the edge of the tub I'm gripping It's cold and I'm numb Got scars I don't know where from My chest is tight I'm weezing I can hear the door creeking His footsteps creeping My heart is weeping And my soul bleeding

Writers Block

I find it hard to write optimistically My writers block pities me I'm most inspired by my times drowned in pain Most compelled by a world mundane I'd rather embrace the morbid Than explore what I forbid Pain I've secretly enjoyed When the bliss left me annoyed When I pick up the pen I write... Continue Reading →

Dark Moments

  Have you ever hid away in the darkest corner of the room A moment you get plagued by grimson gloom Stare blankly forget to blink Too crowded to think What have I succumb to What's my heart to do This moment I'm sinking Too late to start drinking I can't feel my nerves Lost... Continue Reading →

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