So Much Happens

So much happens behind that door So much happens that I abhore So much happens that I lost my thought So much happens I forget why we fought So much happens behind closed doors So much happens in a home I once adored So much happens in apt 1b That i can never seem to... Continue Reading →


It’s hard to remember the last time I felt like thisIt’s tough to remember the last time you did me like thisAnd to soak up a moment of pure emotional agonyTo think this has occurred because of meAs if I didn’t try hard enoughAs if I didn’t do enoughWas I never all I could be?That’s... Continue Reading →


I've locked down My heart has drowned I stand here on two, alone Those memories you now own I can picture it now She’s on the ground turning that frown upside down But can she feel your heartbeat through her fingers Feeling the passion as you linger? With one look can she hook what once... Continue Reading →

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