Anxiety taunted me Depression tortured me And when I thought it was over they both needed me


Time passes and the cloud still lingers My sanity is slipping thru my fingers I ask myself why and how much longer And she responds “when you realize he’s a goner”


This place of emptiness is odd yet welcomed The old me is dead and gone but beckoned I dont want to go back and i know i cant And certain stories i refuse to recant But this feeling is so new im terrified And with each step theres no guide Its just me, walking away... Continue Reading →


Im tired of asking the same questions I been learned the main lesson The same lesson over and over again The same pain with no end game To be a woman scorned When I was already warned Seems like a joke But thats the ego I stroked


Its almost too much all at once So much I had invested in us I won’t encounter another peaceful day Just clouds the 50 shades of gray


Im at the hands of my addiction My life, my greatest affliction To be welcomed every day To enter my home and stay To every bleeding numb moment To the extent that I grieve, I love it But the body cant gap the bridge between me and her And I’m dwindling as she spirals to... Continue Reading →

My Father Used To Say

My father used to say that at 11 we truly learn to judge I always disagreed since by ten I already held my grudge My father used to say that those that are lost are without God I disagreed when I was lost and found nothing but a fraud My father used to say it's... Continue Reading →


I remember back in 04 Gained a few traits i ignored When put to the test I would and still explode Funny when you got the power to  foreshadow But you still not prepared for the glass to shatter Been like that all my life I take circumstances in strife I've tried to better the... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

I find it hard to write optimistically My writers block pities me I'm most inspired by my times drowned in pain Most compelled by a world mundane I'd rather embrace the morbid Than explore what I forbid Pain I've secretly enjoyed When the bliss left me annoyed When I pick up the pen I write... Continue Reading →


Your sins will eventually find you Your lessons once learned will define you Your fears once conquered will be behind you And eventually the truth will scare you But you must go through What life has put down for you You have to suffer sometimes when you live in sooth And if you’ve never been... Continue Reading →

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