Time passes and the cloud still lingers My sanity is slipping thru my fingers I ask myself why and how much longer And she responds “when you realize he’s a goner”


Women like me are rare to see We hide in the dark and create the art That sits within the crevice of your skin That pulls out the words that fly like birds Out to the world, I'm that girl Each year, each step another station Just trying to find the right foundations Searching for... Continue Reading →

I Miss Everything

I miss those days When you would caress my face Hold me tight Keep me safe I miss the countless years That got away from us I miss the innocence of that first time I miss the ignorance and all its bliss I miss the butterflies The long nights The goosebumps I miss that once... Continue Reading →


Where do you go when home is no longer your home Where do go when that's all you've ever known How can I walk away and say I did it on my own No pressure, no one made me I chose to do this alone How can I lie to myself and step off my throne When will they realize... Continue Reading →

My Home…

I need to hear the noise Of that city with such poise I could be blind And my way I could find But that sight oh that sight It gives your heart a sort of delight The world on an island Never a moment to be silent 8 billion faces 8 billion dreams Those lights... Continue Reading →

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