I Got Issues

Has it ever dawned on you that you might have daddy issues?  I've never had a healthy relationship with any man just fresh tissues Why do I do this to myself? I could ask it a thousand times But then I'd cover it with self inflicted lies. When a man talks down to me I'm... Continue Reading →

Time Flies By the Blind

I wrote this poem a few years back and every time I read it I'm in the same exact mental place as when I wrote it, it's crazy how powerful emotions are and how some feelings will forever resonate with you. Some things just never change. In the back room with a face full of... Continue Reading →

Burnt Bridges

A bridge is built on a foundation Labored by hands of Dedication Beams trusted to withstand the weight If anything were to go wrong it be fate Because a bridge is built to stand strong All the parts assemble to create a bond A strength to last a lifetime Everything to cross just fine  But... Continue Reading →

My Father Used To Say

My father used to say that at 11 we truly learn to judge I always disagreed since by ten I already held my grudge My father used to say that those that are lost are without God I disagreed when I was lost and found nothing but a fraud My father used to say it's... Continue Reading →

Then what?

Do you ever feel stuck? Not the whole stuck in a rut More like life stopped on a broken red light Its thought that if you want something bad you have to fight But what if the ring is empty? And the winners circle has already been emptied Then what ?


I remember back in 04 Gained a few traits i ignored When put to the test I would and still explode Funny when you got the power to  foreshadow But you still not prepared for the glass to shatter Been like that all my life I take circumstances in strife I've tried to better the... Continue Reading →


Where do you go when home is no longer your home Where do go when that's all you've ever known How can I walk away and say I did it on my own No pressure, no one made me I chose to do this alone How can I lie to myself and step off my throne When will they realize... Continue Reading →

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