Time passes and the cloud still lingers My sanity is slipping thru my fingers I ask myself why and how much longer And she responds “when you realize he’s a goner”


I had to play that lost her mind crazy bitch And for months all I got was a wild pitch But there's something about a woman's intuition That doesn't allow bullshit lies into fruition Even when the lies turned sour in your mouth You didn't have the courage to settle it out It's like a... Continue Reading →

This Moment

Peace and Serenity at its finest hour My heart has been over powered The lust is for what I yearn To trust I need to learn But at this very moment My desires are my only opponent For you I want but mostly need You've torn down my solid creed And unwrapped a whole new... Continue Reading →


I've locked down My heart has drowned I stand here on two, alone Those memories you now own I can picture it now She’s on the ground turning that frown upside down But can she feel your heartbeat through her fingers Feeling the passion as you linger? With one look can she hook what once... Continue Reading →

Im Not Ready

What if I'm not ready? I feel like we had this talk already Why are you so self-centered? Now I regret letting you enter This is my life, my choices I'm not going to bullied by the voices I had a plan before you came around I'm not just going to let you drag me... Continue Reading →

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